Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're so cheesy, I love it!

I haven’t ever really been high class or blue blooded before…ever. But somehow I found myself drinking tea (in a teacup!) and eating half a grapefruit for breakfast. Never, have I eaten a grapefruit for breakfast. It’s odd.
My tummy was just a calling out for me to be healthy I guess.
I’m not usually so forward about my eating habits, but I don’t eat healthy. I have an apple maybe twice a month…..maybe. Though I eat a lot, I tend to ignore the “food pyramid”
What I ate for breakfast is hardly as surprising as the long goodbyes me and my Mister give each other.  They last forever. Seriously.
On and on and on.

Kinda strange.
I'm only at the first stage of figuring out how to shut that boy up! ;]

 Welp! I'm off to make a change in this world. (Not really)

Oh, and stuffy nose, feel free to leave. You're not welcome anymore.

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