Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo diary

On Sunday I bought this cute little 90's dress from a Thrift store for $1. And I'm planning on altering it to more of a modern style dress or skirt. I'll post the before's and after's when I start.

OH! I saved enough money to buy this wonderful Canon Rebel T2i. (I'm over-the-top-excited)
Those of you who have/had one, please tell me all about it.
My hair extensions came in! I bought them a shade or 10 too light... so I had a dying party!
Little something from my latest photo shoot. I used a effect on Photoshop that I just found, and I LOVE it. Made this photo look like a painting.
My glorious fur vest. I'll name him Frankfurt the Fur. I'll cherish him forever!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesomes

Blazer: thrifted. Top: Target. Skinnies: F21. Shoes: Zigi Soho.
-Chattering my teeth in class, during the very quiet parts, and having everyone look at me! “Don’t mind me. I’m just cold”
-Realizing that it is my 3rd (not 2nd, not 1st) time misspelling my NAME on my papers. And then having the person next to me ask “Who’s Sargag?” I think my pencil has a mind of its own…
-Having a conversation with myself in front of my cat. She thinks I’m delirious. I’m not cat, really I’m not.

-I have learned guitar. It’s amazing the things you would have never thought of achieving last year.
-Going to Main St. bakery without any $$$ to buy any yummies, but the nice man behind the counter said he could give me a scone or muffin or donut for free. I love that place now.
-Going to Missions Training. I get more and more excited to go on the Missions trip
 every. living. second. of. the. day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And only one...

Top: UrbanO. Jeans: F21. Shoes: Zigi Soho.

Sorry there is only one photograph today. This is the only one that actually "turned out."
Today I tried to new method of taking outfit pictures. Ever since I lost the most important part to my tripod, Ive had to find new things to place my camera on. Ive tried books on top of books, on top of chairs on top of stools. And  different things to stand in my place so I can get the focus.  That was a bunch of wasted time and energy. UNTIL I found out about.... The Mannequin!
The Manneguin takes my place! It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Achievements + Zigi Soho

Within the past few days of being "absent" from blog world, I have managed to:
  • Buy a FUR VEST (pictures to come)
  • Clean out the 2nd edition of Mount Blackhole (the atrocious mess in my closet)
  • Memorize the whole Foster The People ALBUM "All the other kids with the....." Yeeeeup.
  • Skillfully smash the light bulb inside the lamp shade with the neck of my guitar. Lights out.
  • Run into the wall of my American Literature class. Multiple times.  Pay me a $1 each time, Id be rich!
  • Refuse the number of a handsome young man. "Sorry boy, I just cant tolerate the smell of your...."
  •  Buy a new pair of  Zigi Soho shoes on sale! ^
I'm told by my friends that it shows I don't have a life when walking backwards into the tarp thingy in the gym is the highlight of my day. And worse, making them do it with me!

Oh I hope your weeks have been as "eventful" as mine have! *wink wink*