Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesomes

Blazer: thrifted. Top: Target. Skinnies: F21. Shoes: Zigi Soho.
-Chattering my teeth in class, during the very quiet parts, and having everyone look at me! “Don’t mind me. I’m just cold”
-Realizing that it is my 3rd (not 2nd, not 1st) time misspelling my NAME on my papers. And then having the person next to me ask “Who’s Sargag?” I think my pencil has a mind of its own…
-Having a conversation with myself in front of my cat. She thinks I’m delirious. I’m not cat, really I’m not.

-I have learned guitar. It’s amazing the things you would have never thought of achieving last year.
-Going to Main St. bakery without any $$$ to buy any yummies, but the nice man behind the counter said he could give me a scone or muffin or donut for free. I love that place now.
-Going to Missions Training. I get more and more excited to go on the Missions trip
 every. living. second. of. the. day.


Erin said...

Love these pants! :) Too fun! I wish I could play guitar! KUDOS!


thats nice!:)

Jennifer said...

ooh well done on learning guitar! loving those shoes x

Allie said...

Love these d; Burst out giggleing! I have spelled my name wrong too many times in my life *sigh* I know the feeling d; Good for you for learning to play guitar! I love playing on the guitar... when I have time for it, that is:) Thanks for the giggles,

ylenia said...

Lovely post, I like reading new things about people!
And once again, I love your booties!
New outfit on my blog!

Lidiya said...

Your shoes are gorgeous <3

Ayshe Rose said...

very cool!

Tori said...

Great look! I love the blazer!

Flashes of Style said...

Loveee the stripes! <3