Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo diary

On Sunday I bought this cute little 90's dress from a Thrift store for $1. And I'm planning on altering it to more of a modern style dress or skirt. I'll post the before's and after's when I start.

OH! I saved enough money to buy this wonderful Canon Rebel T2i. (I'm over-the-top-excited)
Those of you who have/had one, please tell me all about it.
My hair extensions came in! I bought them a shade or 10 too light... so I had a dying party!
Little something from my latest photo shoot. I used a effect on Photoshop that I just found, and I LOVE it. Made this photo look like a painting.
My glorious fur vest. I'll name him Frankfurt the Fur. I'll cherish him forever!


Erin said...

Love your hair! :) so pretty!

marwet said...

you look wonderful. love your hair.

Kimberley said...

Lovely pics! your hair is wonderful!:)
xo Kimberley

Liz Brown said...

I like your vest. I have wanted one too, but can't find one for the right price. :(

Can't wait to see the dress before/afters. Love those kind of posts.

Carolyn said...

wow i've never thought of using hair extensions.. can you show us how you do it??

Allie said...

I love the little camera key chain! So cute (i want one so bad now XD) I am so happy for you and your new camera (life size of course d;) You live in the rainy state too, right? *heehee* So cool X)

ylenia said...

Nice pics selection, I like the nail art!
New outfit on my blog =)