Thursday, January 5, 2012

Achievements + Zigi Soho

Within the past few days of being "absent" from blog world, I have managed to:
  • Buy a FUR VEST (pictures to come)
  • Clean out the 2nd edition of Mount Blackhole (the atrocious mess in my closet)
  • Memorize the whole Foster The People ALBUM "All the other kids with the....." Yeeeeup.
  • Skillfully smash the light bulb inside the lamp shade with the neck of my guitar. Lights out.
  • Run into the wall of my American Literature class. Multiple times.  Pay me a $1 each time, Id be rich!
  • Refuse the number of a handsome young man. "Sorry boy, I just cant tolerate the smell of your...."
  •  Buy a new pair of  Zigi Soho shoes on sale! ^
I'm told by my friends that it shows I don't have a life when walking backwards into the tarp thingy in the gym is the highlight of my day. And worse, making them do it with me!

Oh I hope your weeks have been as "eventful" as mine have! *wink wink*


just tututiny said...

Can't wait to see the fur vest! I love fur!

Miu said...

These shoes are gorgeous!

Allie said...

Cute shoes! Love love love 'em ;]

Liz Brown said...

Oooooooh. Shoe envy. Shoe envy.

And blonde moments ... gotta love em. I would be richer than you if I had a dollar for each time I've walked into a wall or some other highly noticeable structure.

Allie said...

Heehee Thanks for your comment;) It totally made me smile:D Yup! Good ol' Washington:) It's funny how the bloggie world is a real small world, ya know? *haha*

jas said...

you've achieved a lot! and great find with the shoes!

Emily. said...

love those boots. they're such a lovely colour :)

and thanks so much for your lovely comment :D of course we can follow eachother! no problem :) following you now!


lucia m said...

love it!!!!

Sara Soda said...

Yay, you bought a fur vest! It'll be the best thing you ever did, I am so in love with mine!

ylenia said...

GREAT booties, I LOVE them!!!!
New outfit on my blog, tell me if you like it =)