Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm a Starbucks wanderer

Today, my energy level goes up to 100% as I sip that  iced Carmel Mocchiato.  
The yummy-in-my-tummy sensation that's flowing throughout my soul, has just kicked in.
 I love it here.
I love using the wi-fi.
 I love the rush of the people coming in, then leaving.
 I love that it is raining outside the big window next to me.
I love how all the workers here are cute men.
I love that I'm able to be here for hours.
I love the music selection.



Allie said...

I LOVE STARBUCKS!!! Uh, I totally want a carmel frap. (can you pick one up for me?....*haha* jk!) Enjoy life in the best and most possible way with your ultimately amazing iced carmel mocchiato:)
ps love the photo of the cup!

Grace said...

I WISH I lived somewhere civilized with Starbucks rather than in this stupid, ugly, horrible Italy.
I went to it in London and just LOVED IT!

tessa said...

agree with you SO much about starbucks! free wifi, so much people watching, and just a generally chill atmosphere!

thanks for dropping by my blog! following you, follow me back so we can keep in touch :)

Alyssa said...

Ahaha I love Starbucks too! I, too, like the iced Caramel Macchiato too! It seems like you are just full of love! haha

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