Saturday, December 17, 2011


Dress: F21. jacket: Wetseal. boots: Thrifted. tights: Fred Meyer. necklaces: Unknown.

Tonight my family and I will be going to the Nutcracker Ballet. This will be my first time going. EVER. Annnnnd I’m super excited! I just, however, need to figure what I should wear to this special occasion… I’m thinking a Christmas sweater. Which by-the-way, Christmas is ALMOST here! And I have the "holly jolly" feeling :} I woke up with it this morning, then I watched Little Women.
Ok, who else thinks that movie is only for the Holidays?

Happy Holidays!


Skinny Moonstick said...

You will enjoy the Nutcracker ballet! It's really sweet, we went last year. Anyways, loving your dress- so pretty, and I am adoring those thrifted boots- what a trendy score!!! Have a lovely time :)
Good luck!

s smallcomb said...

Aww don't you look great!! have fun at the ballet! It's great =)

Eva Silviana said...

I love your boots :)

crunchy cheese me

Allie said...

MEEEE! I love Little Women!!!!! It's like the best movie eva:) Do you like the old version (i think the one I'm thinking of was done in the 80s or 90s *haha* idk)? That one's my favorite out of all the Little Women movies d:
I hope you had a great time seeing the Nutcracker! I remember seeing it as a little kid, not really remembering much of it, but it all made me want to become a ballerina... but of course I didn't because I can barely even do the splits (i cant even imagine standing on my tippy toes... *shudder*... makes my toes curl!) d; Merry Christmas, dear bloggie friend! Thanks for the sweet comment,

vigilant lense said...

beautiful blog!!! ;)

champagne said...

Love this outfit (: Have a good time watching the Nutcracker Ballet, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!


Tonya said...

Your boots are so cute!! They're so unique. Hope you had a great time at the Nutcracker!
I live in Washington State too!! :)

Elegance by Elizabeth said...

Hey doll! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my Blog! :)
You are very beautiful and I love the shape of your face! You outfit and Blog are amazing, and I'm now following you via Blogspot and Bloglovin! Follow me back? :)
Merry Christmas!
Elizabeth E~

Erin said...

Ah! You are so cute! :)