Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pale pinks

Blouse: JCP. Skirt: Thrifted. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: Arizona Boutique.

Hey guys! I know its been sometime (shocker, right?) but I am fully capable of telling you why it's taken me so long to post. Scratch that. Actually I cant. Heh, heh.
I feel like whenever I post, I apoligize for my absence.... Sorreh guys!


m i s s . t e a said...

I love how unique each of your garments are and together they're the perfect balance between laid back and dressed up! x misstea & co.

Kristin said...

I'm loving that skirt, this whole outfit looks great on you! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Laura said...

Lovely skirt, you look great :)
L x

-Stephanie said...

I love the skirt. Such a cute color!

PS said...

Loooove the skirt! Also that purse, it's great. And what a cute doggy!

Jennifer said...

Cute skirt!

xo Jennifer