Friday, August 27, 2010

Me, talking to You

I am no writer or poet, nor do I have a skill at words. But I love to talk, so maybe I'll just make this post "Me, talking to You"
You don't really know much about me, other than I love vintage and I can't write. So I'll just take this time to tell you 5 things about me.
-I am a Seattle girl, I grew up here and haven't left. I love the rain, it gives me smiles. (sounds weird, huh?) I am quite the opposite from others; The sun makes me depressed and the rain makes me happy.
-All my life I've been a modern girl, the kind that must fit in with the crowd. Until this past year. I am more than proud to say that I do NOT care if I fit in or stand out.
-Now let's talk Vintage. I pretty much wouldn't be here talking to you if I didn't love vintage. I hope to post more pictures of "old" what-nots I own or I have just seen. The what-nots that give me joy and happiness.
-I LOVE to sing! All day long i'm either humming or singing or belting my heart out.  I can't say I'm any good, but I am trying. This year at school I will be in 3 chiors! Show chior, concert chior and girls ensemble. Lots of fun! ! ! Me and my friend Olivia have formed a little duet group of us singing it's called "Anne&Jane" We write songs and sing them and do covers of others. It's so much fun!
-I don't read much. I should. But when I do, my favorite book is "A house at Pooh corner" It's just too cute!

That was just 5 things about me. I must run away now, so talk to you soon!
Sincerly, Sarah <3

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Dispenser_of_Joy said...

Ooops, I don't think I verified it last time. Dear niece, I don't know what you are talking about! You have a lovely voice! I adore this post, it's very you :) Keep blogging!