Friday, September 10, 2010

Hopelessly searching

At this very moment, in 18 more days, I will be sitting in my unknown class, tapping my pencil on the blank piece of paper, waiting for the bell to ring. Normally at this point of time, I would be jumping up and down, just ready for school to start.....but I'm not. I think about it starting up again, and I get nervous. Nervous I won't do my home work to my teachers standards, nervous I won't do good in chior, and nervous to see people I don't want to see. I most certainly don't want this year to be like last school year.

But never-the-less, I found some excitement... School clothes shopping!!! That's a typical girl sense humor.
I am making my list over and over again. I am planning a wardrobe that isn't like any others. (let's see how that turns out)
 Simple and plain, but with a quirky something-or-another. I want to buy the clothes that are in style, but not wear them the way everyone else does.

(This post may sound like a splotch of stuff, but it's just all my thoughts about school clothes shopping)

I am just DIEING for a pair of Overdyed High Waisted Skinny Jeans  (I might just buy some) Teehee:)
I am also searching hopelessly for a lace tank. I have found many, just not any that fit my price range.

I cannot put int to words how much I love sales. :)  

It's time to get off my bum and get started with destroying my closet and convincing my mother to take me shopping.

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