Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn, Fall, Harvest :)

2 days ago it was raining, yesterday it was sunny and today it's cloudy. Don't cha' just love this Washington weather? You bet I do! Therefore, I suppose you can say it's Autumn now!
These past few days I have been "Photo Crazy!" ....which means I have some pictures to show you!

This candle has been on our dinner table for the past week and everytime I walk
 by it, I smell a sent of something amazing which I can't quite place my finger on!

That spider gave me the creeps! After walking by this horid 'thing!'  I felt it crawling all over my back.
[Photo credit to Heather Rose]
This here is a lovely lady (If i may say so myself)
She is my sister and a great friend. Me and her had a little photoshoot.
It was her first day of college and so she as happy and jittery
{More photo's to come!}

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H Ovedie said...

Ah, I want to take my camera out for a walk soon too. I hate that I paid so much for it, but hardly ever uses it.