Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Distress and confusing

Our weather is bipolar! It's PMSing!
Friday: Sunny but cold.
Saturday: Really sunny and freezing!
Sunday: rainy and still cold
Tueday: SNOW!
That is so weird! No wonder everyone around is getting sick.
I am almost to the point of going over to the weather station place, and having a little chat with those men, (who predict the weather) They should how to fix this mess.
I have waited and waited for snow. Not only because it's beautiful and smells nice, but because I can take some amazing pictures in it. Surrre, I "love" my bedroom, and I think it's great, but seriously? I CAN'T take a half decent photo in there!

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Mindy said...

Hi! I like the name of your blog, its cute. Congrats on finishing the 30 for 30...I didn't last very long on that.