Monday, February 21, 2011

A little more suprising?

I can officially call myself done!
No more panic attacks of picking out an outfit, or worry about finding the proper time to have a photoshoot. I am happy.
As sad as it will be to not post anymore 30 for 30 pictures, seems like I will get by.

I was planning on having some AMAZING outfit for Day 30, but instead, I was boring. So forgive me?
Maybe when I do the "Summer edition", I will bold-out.
NOW, I can finally post more of my clothes! :]

(P.s. I kinda got lazy, and I put a circle instead of a heart. I figured it would be alright, since it's the last day and all) Hehe


Hannah =) said...

Sarah! We simply must do 30for30: Summer Edition :) I have basically no summer clothes, so it will help me out...a lot. Let us make a plan of it, yes?

Elle said...

love this outfit! cute blog :) lovin your scarf!

love, live & wear

xoxo, L

Sarai and Nancy said...

Cutest outfit ever! That scarf is seriously the most beautiful thing ever! I've been trying to find a floral scarf that I wanted to buy for a while now!