Friday, March 4, 2011

The color red.

Blouse: Kohl's/Sister's closet. Belt: Plato's closet. Shoes: Goodwill: Jeans: Wetseal.

It's only in Washington, that you truly have to to deal with having bad photoshoots. I, personally have a funny camera that only takes good pictures from close-up. Heyy, SPEAKING OF cameras! Remember my last post? The one about the camera and how I need it? Well I am going to Goodwill tomorrow with my lovely sister, and I am on a hunt for a Polaroid! Even if it isn't the same as wanted.


Liz said...

great outfit! I love the classic look with the touch of trend with the belt! Wonderful job, you look awesome!



Adorable outfit, love the red belt. I absolutely adore wide belts, so gorg. And happy camera shopping. xx veronika