Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

Today is my birthday. I am a year older that I was last time  I blew out the candles.
My normal/usual birthday would have been rather boring, you know,

“Wake up to breakfast and then chill out till it’s time for presents and dinner”
well now that I am a year older….I am a year wiser.

So I’m not going through the usual birthday blues.

With my sisters of course. Now one should trust me with paint…or markers for that matter.

Here I have a photo or 4 from last years birthday, where we went to Seattle
(the best town known to mankind)
and we walked around and took pictures.
This IS happening again. on Tuesday to be exact



Grace said...

Happy birthday!!!
Love your purple skirt :)

Nikki said...

I wish you a happy birthday! 3 kisses from Belgium and enjoy Seattle! x

Despina said...

Happy B-Day dear!I hope u'll have a wonderful time in Seattle..again thid year!share some photos of the t-shirts you are decorating.u have a great blog.i am definitely following!hope u'll follow back :)

Carolyn said...

omg i was about to ask you if that was the university of washington! looked sooo familiar then i read you were in seattle. that's where i'm from! (and i went to UW) have a wonderful birthday and enjoy seattle!! it IS the best town ;)

Allie said...

Happy Birthday, girl!
<3 *Allie*