Sunday, July 3, 2011


Top: Unknown. vest shawl: Kohl's. shorts: Wetseal. belt: Goodwill. bracelets: Life's travelings:]
This week has been abnormally sunny, for the past 3 days. Here, in Washington, it isn't always like this. Hehe! But today, we got back to normal, nice warm rain. Almost makes me want to go outside  and stay off my lazy bum!


Grace said...

I looove that yellow cardigan!


you look great!!

Little Rus said...

Great outfit! I'm following you now, btw, as you asked and will appreciate it if you follow back. x

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Great outfit! Love the vest!


Fashion Fractions

Stefania said...

hi dear.. u look so amazing! love ur outfit! :) u're so cute!!! come visit my blog!!! kisses!!


Katie Elizabeth said...

Such a cute outfit! Looks adorable on you & it's perfect for summer. I still can't find a nice pair of jean shorts, but I really like those. I may have to go to Wetseal ;)

xo katie elizabeth

Michelle said...

You look so perfectly sunny and summery! I will admit I'm quite jealous of your rainy summer! ♥

Alyssa said...

Nice shades! I want my own pair of aviators! I love the whole outfit, so chic! Keep up the good work! My cousin loves to collect random bracelets as well. Here in Arizona, we adore rain. It's the exact opposite. ha
-The BF Mashup

p.s. Loving your blog! Now following you! Follow back?

Allie said...

Love the outfit! Second to last picture is amazing:O Your hair is so pretty:D