Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All aboard

Tomorrow morning, at exactly this time, I'll be in an airplane, soaring the sky!
Me and my family are off to Minnesota where we'll spend a great amount of time relaxing with family and driving. WOWZERS. Im pumped. I'm stoked. I'm excited.

Now don't worry, I'll be stopping by every once in awhile to say hello to you guys:]
I even packed my "cute-not-so-comfy" clothing so I can get an outfit post put up.

Well I best me going. It's time to get that suitcase packed and the WHOLE house clean. Spit spot.


Shellsea said...

have a fun and safe trip. :)

Love, Shellsea Blog

Allie said...

Fun! Safe travels:)

Hope said...

Thats where adam young lives! :) (owl city) said...

My favorite is the second photo with the three phones. Made me smile.

Miu said...

Have a nice trip!

Deniz said...

hi! happy days!:)

Sara said...

You lucky girl, going on vacation, hope you have a great time and the cloths that you are taking with you look so pretty, the snickers with the floral print are to nice! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Elena Leder said...

great post!

Giveaway on my blog!


Angela Jessyana said...

nice photos :) have a safe flight!

thanks for your comment! sure, i've followed you. follow me back? :)

Carmen said...

Have a fun trip!

Thank you for visiting my blog, of course I would love to follow each other!

Carmen Ri

L'marie said...

wish i was going on holiday :{
hope you had a nice time


everything looks so cute!!!!!!