Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Summer

Top of the morning to ya ol chaps!
(okay that was dumb)
Hello, I'm Sarah, remember me? I'm the one who's  "disowned" her blog for the past few days.
These pictures are somewhat a mash-up of what's happened in my Summer days. Only this is like shrunk down to a mg. :]
Some of the shots are from Minnesota.... Like Caribou and the sunsets <3
I've come to the conclusion that Starbucks has bad coffee, after tasting Caribou and Tully's. Starbucks will always be a good place for relaxing, but when I need my caffeine fix, I better go to Tully's.

(p.s. The second picture is NOT my own. I take NO credit for it)


Anonymous said...

I'm really loving the fifth photo!

Thanks so much for the visit! You're blog is great I'm your newest follower


Kadri said...

Youre blog is really cool, thanks for leaving comment in my blog.

anni said...

Nice photos ;)
Thank you for visit and comment ! If you want follow me ;)

thea natalie said...

Hi Babe

Thanks for your agreement on the great new nastygal lookbook! I think I might get my credit card out hehe.

Love the 5th image in this series and have added you :)

Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

anni said...

i enwy you ;) so I would like to go to USA ;)
I heard about the hurricane in the USA .... ;(


Beautiful. Love those gorgeous sunset shots, ah, such an amazing time of year!! Happy weekend. xo veronika

amy said...

Oh these photographs are enchanting- I love how delicate the words are. I, too, wonder what people think when hearing my name.

I adore your blog.

Keep posting, and keep being beautiful!!!!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Isabel Script said...

wow! the 5th photo :O!

Allie said...

*haha* Glad to have you back;) Love the pictures!

indonesiatooverseas said...

Thank you for sharing those great pictures. I like to drink coffee to, may someday i can taste that excelent caffein.

Miu said...

Cool post!