Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 for 30: Strategizing


Starting tomorrow (1-12-11), Olivia, Hannah, Moriah and I
will be doing a 30 for 30! I'm super duper excited! It's going to be 
great doing it will my besties.  (Ok. I sound like such a 12 year
 old in love with Just bieber when I said that)
 I've got my  30 articles of clothing seperated from the rest.
SO much inspiration from the Daybook!!! I'm enjoying my self quite a lot.
Anyways, here's the thing: Am I ready for a challenge? We'll see! :]

After seeing/editing/reviewing all these pictures, I realize I went a little over board of the "Daybook inspiration." So please just over look my copycat-ing. Thanks.


Hans =) said...

Ah!! I am super duper excited too! But I was very much hoping to be able to see the darling little tags you made for your items...might we see a picture or two with tomorrow's outfit post? :)

Sarah Jane said...

Of course you may!
I will "point" at the little tags :]