Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's up with that!?

Something happened people.
You know how me and my friends are doing 30 for 30 together?
Olivia is on day 8, while Hannah is over there doing day 11.
Idk what's happened! But I'm confused... HA!
Maybe I should have counted yesterday as a fail....?
But to be honest, I'm kinda anxious to wear my new
shirt and shoes!!!  So the days that I "skip" photoshoot's for,  
I will just overlook. Alright? Alrighty.
Oh yeah!! I almost forgot! Do you like my new blog-ish. I re-organized and re-decorated it alittle ;]


1 comment:

Olivianne Hall said...

Hahah, I'm the most behind out of us all! Stupid sickness succumbs me into wearing yoga pants and sweaters.