Friday, January 7, 2011

"Denim button-up long sleeve" (Have I said it enough?)

     Ok ok. I will admit. I DO have a craving for a “denim button-up long sleeve.” Yes. I said it. I just don’t have any idea where I could find one for under $5. Oh well. I guess I’m just out of luck. I will NEVER have a “denim button-up long sleeve.” My dreams of becoming gorgeous are over; my dreams of becoming famous are done with;  My dreams of being loved are forever gone.  How is one supposed to live without a “denim button-up long sleeve?” Tell me.

     When I first began this love for such a blouse, I was about 14 years and 5 months of age. I only pictured in my mind what I’d look like wearing a “denim button-up long sleeve” it was all good thoughts. I’ve even made substitutes for the shirt. A “short sleeve” just isn’t the same. It doesn’t fold at your wrists, or fluff at your shoulders. Oh, how I want need that.

If told my mother how I want a “denim button-up long sleeve” she would probably tell me I’m insane and say “a girl like you doesn’t need a new shirt. You can just live with Hand-Me-Downs” Well I tell ya, THAT is just plain old rubbish! And I don’t care for it. I could tell her how grand and intellectual a “denim button-up long sleeve” is. I could say that nobody owns one, and how I should be the first to experience an outfit with the “denim button-up long sleeve.” But no. She wouldn’t care. My mother doesn’t care. Cathy Wellan never cares.

     After all the tears and sorrows of realizing that the denim button-up long sleeve” isn’t in my near future, I thought to myself “what if I made a bet with my mother? I could pay half, she could pay half. And I could do something like sweeping the floor to pay off her half.” Then I grasped the concept that I am extra lazy. So that whole idea is just scratched out of my mind now.  I am depressed. I might as well go take out every piece of black clothing I own and hide myself under it all in my closet. Just to prove I am a nothing.

     Whelp! I’m done admitting this. I guess that grand and intellectual “denim button-up long sleeve” and I won’t meet. Ever. That is something I’ll just have to live with. If only I could wear it. I have way too many cardigans that would flow just great with a “denim button-up long sleeve” I really just wish I could convince my mother that if I had such a blouse it would be just like the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” But in related terms like “a “denim button-up long sleeve” is a Sarah’s best friend.”

                  But enough of that rubbish of NEVER having a
          "denim button-up long sleeve" Now for the positive side.  
        I FINALLY got around to parting my hair down the middle. 

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