Monday, September 26, 2011


If you havent already noticed,  Im on a tight schedule. I never have time for a post hardly ever. and sadly, when I do have time, I  am simply too lazy. Hmmrph!

HEY, I need to share a thought with you.
The other day  I was going through my closet and counting how many articals of clothing I have.
Then I seperated all the Tops, Pants, shoes.. etc.
I got to the sweaters, and man-oh-man! I have about 37 sweaters!
So I thought that it would be fun to share with you, all my sweaters  everyday, by posting  a picture a day of each comfy cozy!
Starting  November, 2011
Sound good?



Allie said...

Oh, Sarah! I know I say this every time I leave a comment on your blog but I love. love. LOVE your pictures!!! They are all so profesional looking, which is such a rare talent a lot of people don't have *mmm-hmm!*
I know what you mean... about the posting thingy. I don't have any time any more to post an interesting post on my blog.... Nevertheless, I'll try to squeeze in a short one;] I can't promise much though! *heehee*

THE CHEAP said...

I absolutely love this look on you! You have the most amazing eyes!


Miriam Stella said...

nice !!!!
have you seen my new post of Milan Fashion week?
and have you partecipate to my Chanel giveaway?
come and see to visit miriastella blog!
tell me what you think!

Paula said...

you are lovely! I adore your blog :)

Anette said...

well, i liked your blog, followed you, follow back?:)

Cacy said...

Nice photos!
Follow you...I will be really happy if you follow back :)

Jennyboo said...

You take such lovely pictures! And I can totally relate on how difficult it is to find time to post. I would love to see all 37 sweaters-they are some of my favorite during the fall.