Sunday, September 18, 2011

The old man is snoring.

Top: Kohls. Jeans: F21. Boots. Fred Meyer.  Jacket. Anchor Blue.

It rained.
First rain of the season. Woop woop!
Most Washingtonians are fed up with rain.... they hate it and complain everytime it heads our way... Not I! I adore the rain! It puts me in a great mood and give me smiles:]
I may just go off and do the rain dance and hope for a storm. Muahaha!

Ok, so guys, I start school at my house tomorrow. (I'm part home-schooled, part not)
I am not OK with this. But, needless to say, I have to be "chipper and happy"  or else I get annoyed.



Sarah said...

I am pretty stoked for our NW weather, I have to admit. Even if I didn't get much summer weather, I love layers and boots and blazers more!

Rachel said...

Love the boots!

follow for a follow?

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

Love the check boots!

BeTwin Us said...

Lovely rainboots and glasses, you look so cute dear! :)

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BeTwin Us

Michelle's Style File said...

Your gumboots are fabulous!


Miu said...

Cool boots!

Cacy said...

Nice outfit!
Follow each other?

Anna said...

You look so awesome in that ensemble! I love the military jacket on you - it's so chic the way you paired it with jeans and the Beatles tee

Allie said...

I love that you're homeschooled! So cool;] Homeschool buddies *haha*