Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm not prepared....

It's coming! And I am not ready.
This is my Sophmore year and I CAN wait.
However, I have begun the process of mix-and-matching my closet.
^ Here is one of my choices :]


Allie said...

These are my favorite pictures of you! I love the top one (you have a gorgeous smile);] I'm not ready for school either.... I didn't know you were just a year older than me??? *haha* I thought you were a senior (did i even spell that right????);) I guess this is good on your part;D Love that outfit (a must wear for the first day)
ps enjoy the last few days of summer, I hear they're going to be nice and warm;) (finally)


i love the whole look!you look lovely!!
kisses from prague

Kadri said...

cool pics.
Hei follow me, when I have 50 folowwers i have giveaway!:)

Katie Ann said...

Okay miss. So here's the deal:
- You're gorgeous.
-Absolutely LOVING that bag.
- Annnnd, I practically wore this same exact outfit the other day, so we must be on the same brain wave or something. I'm pretty sure we are. :)

Have a wonderful weekend Sarah!

Olivianne Hall said...

Your feathers are AMAZING! I want some. Let's go buy some together, and you can help me pick them out.

Btw, you're gorgeousousous. <3

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Sheryl said...

Hi Sarah, thank you so much for commenting on my are such a pretty the b/w photo of you...great shot

Following you...


Miu said...

Who is ever ready for school to start?!^^

As a thankyou to my first 10 readers I'd like to introduce them in my blog and because you are one of them I wanted to ask if that's okay and if I'm allowed to use your header.

Miriam Stella said...

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Bad Joan said...

You are adorable! Love your plaid shirt!


Kristal said...

So adorable! You have a great smile!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Like, Whatever! I had a blast my sophomore year (and some of us have just started). Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place :-)

The Like, Whatever team

Alisha said...

You are adorable! Love this look on you. The epitome of comfort :)

Amy @ amy day to day said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog a few days ago. You are so sweet! I love this outfit a lot, I wish I had had this much style when I started my sophomore year TEN years ago! Haha. Way to go, girl!

P.S. My husband and I were both born and raised in WA. Where about are you from?

Amy @ amy day to day said...

My husband lived in Everett most of his life :) funny!

classy glam said...

the boots (l), i like it !!

KateLainey said...

Good luck with school! I love this outfit...plaid is my favorite trend for this year.