Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Its in the stripes

Any of you Gilmore Girls fans, Recognize this sweater? ;]
I can't remember what episode, but Lorilai wore this  in the 1st Season!
(of course I got mine from a Thrift store)

Since I start school within the next 2.5 weeks, Ive been rather "busy" finding outfits.... while, of course, listening to Journey and eating granola.
 I said to myself that "I will wear everything in my closet, atleast ONCE this school year"
.....I said the same thing last year and it didn't happen.
Can you hold me accountable? Thanks.



Autumn said...

I love your big blue eyes, so pretty!

indonesiatooverseas said...

Nice outfits. You are gorgeous on it.
I've follow your blog, wouldya mind to follow mine? Thanksful.

Miu said...

I didn't watch Gilmore Girls, but the sweater is funny with the colours on the shoulders.

As a thankyou to my first 10 readers I'd like to introduce them in my blog and because you are one of them I wanted to ask if that's okay and if I'm allowed to use your header.

Thank you!

Rachel said...

You are beautiful! I love all your fun outfits!!

Follow for a follow indeed! Consider me your #80 (:
Thanks for your comment on my page!


L M ♥ la mode said...

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Kate said...

I love the striped top with the tan jacket. Classic combo.
Thanks for the comment, stop by again. (:



Leah Marie said...

I love your red belt! I’ve been looking for a wide belt, maybe I can find one at f21 or something. :)

Thanks for the comment!


Vantage Point Vintage said...

Great outfits, I love it!

Nicole http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

Cacy said...

Great outfits!
Thanks for commenting on my blog!

You have amazing blog and I'm following...Hope you can follow me too?


Sarah said...

Your first outfit is especially stunning and it hits you in aaall the right places. (: We will work on holding you accountable for wearing your entire wardrobe.

classy glam said...

i am in love with the first look!!

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caroline said...

you are very cute and I love your outifit :)


Michelle Lee said...

so chic all outfits :)

your newest follower Michelle

Phuong said...

the first look is beautiful, the jeans looks great on you

Travel in Style

Mariagrazia C. said...

I really love your blog! It's amazing as you!!! :* I'm following you darling! Hope you can also follow my blog! Mary

The Annachrist said...

omgggg you're gorgeous and I love your hair color!

MaNAa said...

great outfits love them <3

jessica said...

Girl, your eyes are so pretty!! I love your blog.